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If you’re looking to improve your eating habits and develop a more positive relationship with food, you’re in the right place. At Lettuce Eat Dessert, I offer nutrition consultations that take into account your unique lifestyle, preferences, and health needs. Schedule a session today and start your journey to better health.

Media Features

As a dietitian with a diverse and proven background, Leah provides expert quotes and articles. Let me be your go-to expert for all things related to sports nutrition, and all foods fit, even as a top performer.

Private Consults

Work with Leah in a one-on-one session to help you achieve optimal performance and health for your individualized goals. During the session, Leah will assess your current health status and fitness goals, and create a customized nutrition plan tailored to your needs.

Brand Partnership

Leah collaborates with brands that share their enthusiasm for nutrition and believe that all types of food can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, even for high-performing individuals. 

Speaking Event

Leah is a seasoned speaker who specializes in events that align with her practices. Her expertise and experience make her an excellent choice for any event looking for a knowledgeable and engaging speaker. 

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